Summary: The American Foxhound was not reproduced to be a household pet dog, however, if he is well mingled as a young dog he will certainly adjust to domesticity. He tends to wish to stroll, yet he will certainly adjust to his setting if correctly looked after. Preferred as a hunting dog he has an eager nose and also an impressive ability to intuitively bark on the fox’s path. He is incredibly sports and also is really happy to work.

Elevation: 21 – 25 inches
Weight: 65 – 75 pounds.

Shades: All shades.
Layer: Tough as well as close.

Personality: Energetic, pleasant
With Kid: Yes, superb will certainly bond with whole family members
With Family pets: Yes

Watch-dog: Superb
Guard-dog: Low

Treatment as well as Training: Demands very little pet grooming of his brief layer. It has a high power degree as well as will certainly call for an everyday workout. Demands a company, no-nonsense management strategy to training.
Understanding Price: Standard

Task: Extremely High
Living Setting: Large house, yet reproduced for the exterior task.

Wellness Issues: An all-natural type, he has a marginal health issue. Feasible hearing problems as well as hip dysplasia.

Life expectancy: 12-13 years
Trash Dimension: 5 – 7

Native land: U.S.A.
Background: The American Foxhound is come down from the English Foxhound. He was brought right into the USA by Robert Brooke in the 1650s. He was later on gone across with various other British as well as French canines as well as made use of to go after the fox, prairie wolf as well as deer. George Washington was an excellent fancier and also maintained a renowned pack at Mount Vernon.

First Registered by the AKC: 1886
AKC Team: Canine
Course: Canine

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